A Developer and Furry Folf

Hey there! My name is Caramel, and I am a software engineer who is passionate about exploring the latest technologies and libraries. I am also currently studying Technical Computer Engineering, where I can further expand my knowledge in this field.

My Skills

As a fullstack engineer, I am proficient in various areas of software development, including web frontend, backend, devops, linux, and embedded programming. I am always excited to learn new things and try out new technologies. My top programming languages are Typescript, C/C++, Java/Kotlin, and C#. I am also experienced in working with Docker, which makes my development process more efficient. When it comes to embedded programming, I work mostly with ESP32's and Platformio. Additionally, I am a big advocate for opensource software, and I also write my own open source software. You can check out some of my works via my website's info page.

My Passion

I love working with Linux, especially RHEL, and enjoy experimenting with its various tools and features. In fact, most of my knowledge and skills are self-taught, which speaks volumes about my commitment and enthusiasm for software engineering. I believe that technology is constantly evolving, and I'm always ready to embrace new challenges and learn new skills.

In conclusion, as a software engineer, I strive to deliver high-quality results by utilizing my skills and passion in software development. If you want to know more about me or have any questions, feel free to drop me a message!

My cat

A black and white cat inside a a white bag